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Where to vote on Election Day, Tue., May 3
District 6 Defined
How to register to vote
How and where to vote early

To vote for Steve this year you need to be registered to vote in Monroe County, Indiana. You can register up to 30 days before an election and still vote in it. You must also live in the Sixth District of the City of Bloomington. You may cast your vote early, starting 30 days in advance of Election Day, if you go to the county's early voting center, or you may vote on Election Day at the poll for your precinct. IU STUDENTS ARE CONSIDERED BLOOMINGTON RESIDENTS AND MAY VOTE IN CITY ELECTIONS!

Where to vote on Election Day, Tue., May 3

The short answer:
BL 03 (map) -- between the Stadium and the Tracks: ASSEMBLY HALL
BL 04 (map) -- between the Tracks and Downtown: WOODLAWN FIRE STATION
BL 01 (map) -- Downtown north of Third Street: READ CENTER
PE 07 (map) -- South of Third Street: COURTHOUSE

The long answer:
So you live in District 6? It's roughly east of Walnut Street, between 17th on the north and 1st on the south, and it goes as far east as High St. (See the map of District 6. If you live outside its boundaries, unfortunately, you can't vote for Steve!)

There are four precincts and thus four poll locations in District 6. You must vote in your precinct. These are

North of the Tracks, South of the Stadium If you live between Walnut St. and Fee Ln., between 17th St. and the railroad tracks, you live in precinct Bloomington 03. You vote at the South Entrance of Assembly Hall. This precinct includes residents of Briscoe and McNutt Quads.

South of the Tracks, North of Downtown If you live south of the tracks between Walnut on the west and Walnut Grove Ave. on the east, and you live north of the line from Walnut and 9th to Dunn to 8th to Woodlawn, you're in precinct precinct Bloomington 04 and you vote at Woodlawn Fire Station at 11th & Woodlawn. This precinct includes residents of Collins LLC and Kappa Alpha Theta.

Downtown If you live east of Walnut and south of the line from Walnut and 9th to Dunn to 8th to Woodlawn, and north of 3rd St., you're in precinct precinct Bloomington 01 and you vote at Read Center. This precinct includes residents of Read Center, Forest and Willkie Quads, Fiji, Sigma Chi and Delta Gamma.

South of 3rd If you live south of 3rd St. you're in precinct Perry 07 and you vote at the Monroe County Courthouse on the Square downtown. This precinct includes residents of Acacia, Delta Chi, Delta Delta Delta, Alpha Phi, Pi Beta Phi, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Delta Upsilon and Lambda Chi Alpha.

District 6 Defined (Map of D6)

Wondering if you live in District 6? Here's the official political map of the city. District 6 is the centermost district, with most of the IU campus within its bounds.

The streets that make up the boundaries of District 6, clockwise from its northwesternmost corner: 17th, Fee, 10th, Woodlawn, 7th, Union, 3rd, High, Hunter, Fess, 1st, Morton, 2nd, the alley between College and Walnut, the alley just south of the NAPA Auto Parts Store, and Walnut back up to 17th.

Register to Vote

You must be registered in Bloomington to vote in Bloomington.

You can now get registered via Online Voter Registration at the state website. Make sure you do so before Apr. 4 at noon if you want to vote in this important primary election!

Early Voting

It turns Election Day into Election Month.

Voting is no longer a one-day affair. You can now vote early...and you no longer have to have an excuse. (Thirty percent of Bloomington and Monroe County cast their ballots early in the last election!) You can vote starting 30 days before the election, if you do so in person at the office of the County Clerk.

In this year's primary, Early Voting begins Monday, Apr. 4.

  • Through Friday, Apr. 29, you can vote weekdays between 8am and 4pm.
  • You can also vote 8am-4pm on the two Saturdays before Election Day: Apr. 23 and 30.
  • Monday, May 2, the day before Election Day, you can vote 8am-noon.

In Monroe County, the site for Early Voting is located in the Curry Building (238 W. 7th St., corner Morton).

You can, of course, also cast your ballot on Election Day, Tuesday, May 3. But banking your vote early means one less person for us to worry about contacting on that very busy day as we try to get out every vote! (Watch this space closer to May 3 for precinct information.)

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