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Volan forms interlocal study group on 311 "One Call to City Hall" service

Issues 2011 April 29 -- Councilmember Volan announced that 20 agencies have accepted his invitation to join an interlocal study group on 311 "one call to city hall" service for Bloomington, Monroe County and IU. The group will meet over the summer. Read more about the group and 311.

New photo gallery

Gallery 2011 April 18 -- See the new Vote for Volan Photo Gallery.

Volan gives Herald-Times "the race's three most important issues"

Issues 2011 March 24 -- Steve responded to the Herald-Times question, "What are the most important issues in the race and why?" The HT didn't use the whole response he sent them, so it's reproduced here.

Volan answers LWV's "Keys to the Candidates"

Issues 2011 March 21 -- The League of Women Voters' "Keys to the Candidates" questionnaire goes out to candidates every election year. Read Steve's responses to their questions.

The six council districts of Bloomington

2011 March 11 -- Wondering if you live in District 6? Here's the official political map of the city. District 6 is the centermost district, with most of the IU campus within its bounds. More on the bounds of District 6 in How to Vote

Volan supports Res. 11-07 opposing SB 590

Issues 2011 March 10 -- Steve last night joined a unanimous City Council vote for Resolution 11-07, opposing the passage of Indiana Senate Bill 590. The bill making its way through state government would create an undue if not unconstitutional burden on local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law.

The new website is finally up!

2011 March 9 -- You can finally visit our new campaign website! Explore the issues of District 6, read about Steve, learn about where, when and how to vote, or even donate time or money to Steve's campaign. You can do it all at

The new Facebook page is up!

2011 March 8 -- Visit the new Steve Volan for City Council page on Facebook. (Groups are so last year.)

Volan speaks at Democracy for Monroe County forum

2011 March 7 -- Steve took the stage at the Monroe County Public Library Auditorium Monday night to participate in Democracy for Monroe County's forum for district candidates for city council. (We'll provide a video link as soon as it's available.)