Councilmember Volan organizes 20 agencies to join interlocal study group on 311

BLOOMINGTON, IN, April 29, 2011 -- City Council member Steve Volan, standing with City Clerk Regina Moore and Monroe County Clerk Linda Robbins in City Hall, today announced the formation of a group to study the feasibility of implementing a 3-1-1 system to service Bloomington and Monroe County.

3-1-1 is the special phone number reserved nationwide for municipalities to use as a single point of contact for all local government services. Cities like Lynwood, Calif. and Fort Wayne like to call 3-1-1 "one call to city hall."

Ten agencies from the City of Bloomington, six from Monroe County, and three from Indiana Uuniversity Bloomington have accepted invitations to join the Interlocal Study Group on 3-1-1, which will meet three times this summer. Three other agencies who have been invited may join later. Agencies not explcitly invited are welcome to send representatives, said Councilmember Volan. The study group's meetings will be open to the public.

The group will meet during the weeks of May 16, June 13 and July 10. Specific meeting dates and times have not yet been set. The group's findings and recommendations will be non-binding.

Councilmember Volan expressed his hope that the study group will make a recommendation that he can present as a report to the City Council, at budget hearings during the last week of July. He also hoped the group would define the feasibility of 3-1-1 to include being able to implement it locally at a minimum of cost.

"My goal in the study group will be to see not just if we can make 3-1-1 work, but if we can do it revenue-neutrally," said Councilmember Volan. "I believe that 3-1-1 should eventually prove to be a net cost savings across the budgets of all agencies involved."

Joining Volan, Moore and Robbins in the study group will be Mark Stoops of the Monroe County Commissioners, Geoff McKim of the County Council, Auditor Amy Gerstman and Recorder Jim Fielder.

Agencies sending representatives include from the City of Bloomington the Office of the Mayor, Housing and Neighborhood Development (HAND), Information Technology Services (ITS), the Records Division and the 911 Dispatch divisions of the Police Department), Public Works, Bloomington Transit, and Utilities; and include from Monroe County the Sheriff's office.

Agencies sending representatives from IU include Campus Bus, the IU Police Department, and the office of the Vice President for Public Affairs and Government Relations.

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