Volan gives Herald-Times "the race's three most important issues"

2011 March 24 -- Steve responded to the Herald-Times question, "What are the most important issues in the race and why?" The HT didn't use the whole response he sent them in their article on the District 6 primary race, so it's reproduced below.

This city needs more trash talk.

More parking, noise and trash violations are issued in District 6 than in the other five districts combined. Yet many more violations are going unreported; there are so many that residents feel like they're annoying the police or City Hall with petty problems. If residents give up in despair, the violations continue, creating a vicious circle of unlivability in core neighborhoods.

So it's time to reduce the period for remedying a trash violation from seven days to four, and to establish escalating $50-100-500 fines for repeat trash violations in the same 12-month period just like we did very successfully in the noise ordinance.

Second, it's time to set up a downtown recycling drop-off site. Establishing one is the primary component we need to enable apartment buildings and downtown businesses to recycle cost-effectively.

Third, and my most important initiative: it's time to establish our own 3-1-1 phone center.

3-1-1 is an easy-to-remember phone number to call for any municipal government function. Fort Wayne's slogan for theirs is "One Call to City Hall." Departments like our 9-1-1 Dispatch or the Monroe County Clerk devote many worker-hours just to rerouting calls for other offices. A joint city-county 3-1-1 service could be paid for entirely out of savings of worker-hours from other departments.

3-1-1 is also crucial for District 6. Residents could file a complaint of an ordinance violation, any hour day or night, confident that they wouldn't be burdening emergency services. And the city would get the data it needs to prove where more resources are needed. A 3-1-1 municipal help center would bring together Bloomington, Monroe County, and IU into a more tightly-knit and competitive community.

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